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Cloud Hosting

We offer replicated hosting of (containerized) Cloud Applications on our world-wide multi-cloud Honeycomb infrastructure.

By relying on multiple cloud providers, datacenters and servers across the globe, we can ensure state-of-the-art flexibility, availabilty and reliability for your cloud needs.

This service is priced based on Cell size (see Pricing) and guarantees a certain amount of dedicated CPU/RAM/SSD resources to be allocated and accessible on our platform. Each Cell's data is ensured to be backed up safely at 3 different locations across the world, ensuring disaster recovery capabilities.

Our specialized network allows your Cells to be deployed and replicated in over X locations across the globe for maximum service availability. The Cells can communicate between each other using encrypted communication.


Cloud Storage

Cloud Security

We provide multi-factor security for the hosted Cells, mainly focusing on:

  • At-rest encryption of SSD data
  • Encrypted VPN communication between Cells
  • Included 1x SSL certificate (2048bit RSA)

More SSL certificates can be included if requested (see Pricing)